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Aftercare for your silks

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The best way to clean your silk garments is by dry cleaning!  

However, they may be hand washed in cool water in a mild detergent (not bio detergents), rinsed well and then gently wrapped in a towel to remove excess water.

Never boil, bleach, or wring silk.

Silk should be dried away from direct heat and sunlight.

Silk should be pressed when dry on the wrong side, using a dry pressing cloth. Do not press with steam, or water staining will occur. If water staining occurs dip the silk in warm water for a few minutes and then allow to dry before re-pressing.


To remove creases we recommend  hanging the silk in the bathroom while showering, or bathing, the steamy atmosphere will automatically de-crease the fabric. For heavy creases we use a clothes steamer, always keep the steam a few inches away from the fabric or water stains may occur.

Stained items, multi- coloured prints, chiffons and silk satin scarves are always best dry cleaned to maintain the colour and texture.

For in depth information regarding the care of silk please see the Silk Association of Great Britain's guide!