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New Vegan Recycled Scarves Available

New Golden Yellow, Vegan, and Recycled Scarves Just in Store

We have been on a quest to produce vegan scarves for a few months now, and we're happy to say they are finally here! 

Whilst we realise the use of recycled materials is not the perfect answer to the pollution and global warming we face. It is a sustainable vegan option, and one that is accessible to us.
We continue to investigate other materials that are eco friendly and affordable.

The biggest issue with providing truly eco friendly materials comes down to cost, for instance GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cottons cost nearly three times as much as normal cotton. This is the same for all eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics.

The use of Regenesis fabric is just one affordable, vegan and sustainable option.
Regenesis fabric is a polyester fabric that is made through the recycling of single use plastic bottles. Known as rPET - recycled Polythene Terephthalate.
The Bottles are sorted, cleaned and then melted down into pellets, which are then spun into yarn. This results in a beautifully soft polyester fabric.

The Regenesis fabric that we use prints beautifully, and the use of non-toxic inks, and the zero sublimation printing methods used in by our manufacturer helps to make an environmentally aware end product.

Printing facts:
The dyes used in our printing are certified as Azo dye free (Az0 dyes contain known carcinogenic ingredients)
Dyes are fixed in a pressurised and dry heat process that requires no water.
There are no excess wasted consumables.

While this is not a perfect solution it is worth noting that producing a polyester by these means takes between 59% - 75% less energy than the usual forms of polyester fabrics being manufactured. It is estimated that rPETS production reduces CO2 emissions by 32% in comparison to normal polyester.

Recycling facts:
Five large drink bottles recycled will make an XXL T shirt
Recycling drink bottles takes 8 times less energy than it does to produce new ones.