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About us

Studio-Ghaith London is a sustainable luxury brand based in London. That makes playful silk scarves and colourful art prints.

We provide high quality, Long Lasting and accessible designs that uplift people with care and humour, through the use of colourful characters and storytelling.

All our Products are made in the U.K* using sustainable materials and working with ethical suppliers.

Studio-Ghaith was founded by Ghaith Hilal Nassar, a London based post-disciplinary** designer.

Meet Our designer here.

Or read more about Our Ethos here.

* Apart from our Giclee Prints, which are printed in either the UK and Germany depending on their final destination.

** Post-Disciplinary as in I don’t believe the divide between design, making and craft, or the divide between their respective disciplines. With each project, I embark on a journey of discoveries, new findings, and fun surprises, where I learn new histories, methods, and techniques that are suitable for the project at hand.