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Meet the Designer

Ghaith Hilal Nassar Wearing the Ancestral Love Silk Scarf

Hello, I'm Ghaith Hilal Nassar, a London based post-disciplinary* designer, focusing on making playful print designs and tactile pieces of art that you can touch, feel, smell, and even wear. 

Each of My unique designs starts as a doodle, giving reign to the subconscious mind and extracting forms playfully lurking in the depth of my mind. these doodles are then transported into the digital world where they are manipulated, multiplied, coloured and transformed so they can travel onto their homes of sustainable, long-lasting, ethically sourced and carefully selected paper and fabrics.

Through my work I aim to explore the relationship between making and self-healing, while bringing a splash of joyful materials, playful colours, quirky doodles and powerful messages to your everyday life.

* Post-Disciplinary as in I don’t believe the divide between design, making and craft, or the divide between their respective disciplines. With each project, I embark on a journey of discoveries, new findings, and fun surprises, where I learn new histories, methods, and techniques that are suitable for the project at hand.

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