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The Story Behind: Ancestral Love Scarf

Ancestral Love Silk Twill Scarf Blue and Red

May the Love
of a thousand ancestors
Engulf you
May the reverberations
of a million small acts
guide you
May the echoes
of a billion Sighs of content
heal you

This luscious silk twill incantation scarf is designed to remind us that self-love is a universal practice, one that did not start with us or our generation. This scarf is a reminder that our journey of self-love is paved with millions of small acts carried out in the present and the past by our loved ones, our communities, and ancestors, without which our journey today would not be possible. This is a gentle reminder that the journey towards self-love is not a solitary journey, even though it might appear to be so at times.
This incantation scarf is meant to embrace us with smooth unconditional love, and vibrant heart-warming colours, using the comfort of a repetitive phrase and the embrace of a wise doodle. 
The Arabic phrase (hubb althat)* is written meditatively and repetitively to create colourful backgrounds reminding us to love ourselves.
The wise doodle has two speech bubbles coming out of it's two heads, one says Self-Love is a revolutionary practice, the other says Self-Love is a daily practice. This doodle was joined together to create the pattern adorning the scarf.