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The Story Behind: Daily Love

Daily Love, Large Silk Twill Scarf: Bright Pink, Blue and Yellow

This luscious silk twill incantation scarf is designed to remind us that self-love is a revolutionary act, that self-love is a long journey of daily actions small or large that we commit ourselves to. It is meant to remind us that after years of internalising the hate the world holds for us, now is the time to internalise loving ourselves, that self-love takes time, takes energy and commitment. This scarf is a gentle reminder that we might fail today, we might not not feel like we deserve to love ourselves, and that’s ok, it is a reminder that self-love can just be forgiving ourselves for failing, and trying again tomorrow. 

This scarf is meant to embrace us with smooth unconditional love, and vibrant heart-warming colours, using the power of a loving gaze and the comfort of a repetitive phrase. 

The Arabic phrase (hubb althat)* is written meditatively and repetitively to create colourful backgrounds and playful borders, reminding us to love ourselves.

The eyes in the design are used to give us a calming, non-judgemental loving gaze, that tells us, it’s ok to be ourselves as we are, it’s ok to love ourselves as we are.