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The Story Behind: First Incantation in Habotai

H.A.T, Large Habotai Silk Scarf: Black and Pink.

This sumptuous black and pink incantation scarf is not only designed to caress your neck with the softness of the finest silk satin, it is also designed to help you leave the house with confidence and ease! By keeping your demons at bay and reflecting the gaze of the outside world, The colourful scarf gives you a double layer of protection by invoking the power of a repetitive phrase and a reflected gaze.

The Arabic phrase (hilloo an teezna(H.A.T))* is written meditatively and repetitively to create the shapes of the doodly creatures, and to invoke our inner powers to put a stop to everyone and anyone who stands in our way of self-healing, whether they are internal (our demons) or external (our societies)!  

The eyes are used to reflect the gaze, the gaze of our inner demons and the gaze of those on the streets, the gaze of anyone who dares to other us, exclude us, objectify us, orientalise us, fetishise, and terrorise us wherever they may be; in the homeland or in exile.

*literally translates to leave our arses alone or stop nipping at our arses.